Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter

At Kingham, we go beyond Jets by extending our exceptional services to helicopters as well. Whether you're seeking swift city transfers or scenic aerial tours, our bespoke helicopter charters provide an unmatched level of convenience and customisation. With a focus on tailored experiences, we ensure that every helicopter journey aligns seamlessly with your schedule and preferences. Elevate your travel experience to new heights with Kingham Aviation, where personalised helicopter charters redefine the way you explore and commute.

Wedding by Helicopter

Arriving at your wedding by helicopter is more affordable than you think. Imagine having photographs in your wedding album of your arrival in a helicopter.... Each booking is tailored to every individual and we will do our best to make arrangements to suit your requirements. Call us to discuss the endless possibilities of making your special day absolutely unforgetable.

We will liaise with your venue to arrange a suitable landing site, we can also provide champagne, glasses and anything else onboard on request.

Soho Farmhouse Helicopter Transfers 

Soho Member or visiting to stay overnight on the farm? We will book your helicopter, liaise with our contacts at Soho farmhouse to schedule your landing, and ensure you are met on arrival, making for a swift and seamless transfer. Depart from one of hundreds of landing sites in the UK. Battersea heliport is a mere 35 minutes from Soho farm house and your first Picante in the Main Barn....

Hotel Helicopter Transfers

We can whisk you from your private landing site, or local airfield to one of the many luxury hotels in the UK. For lunch, or an overnight stay. We liase with the property to book your helicopter landing ensuring a seamless and efficient journey.  We can work with most hotels to facillitate an arrival by air, here are some popular destinations to fly into-